kayla + jon's epic woodsy engagement session

y’all, this session ALMOST DID NOT HAPPEN. the midwest rain this summer has been constant, but thankfully for kayla + jon, mother nature waved bye bye to the rain and allowed us to have a freaking blast! these two were so dang excited to shoot, and it warmed my heart; we had the best time. one of my favorite moments, was while we were walking and just messing around on the trail, a lil baby frog jumped out of nowhere, and jon said that no matter where they go, frogs are always present. LIKE WHAT?!?!?! these two love to hike and camp, so they’re always outdoors, but the fact that such a significant piece of their relationship made itself known, blew my DAMN MIND. kayla + jon were such troopers, and were literally down to do anything i asked of them. ugh, they’re some of my favorite humans ever. cannot WAIT for their woodsy wedding in september.

Jess DiazComment